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"(Y/N), why are you wearing this? I wanted to take you to this interview, but you look so fat in this dress. Seriously, go change your clothes. And also something went wrong with your make up. Go now, I'll wait here", Luke says with a serious voice.

"You know what, Hemmings? It's over. You don't have the right to talk to me like that. Especially because you know that I don't like my body",the tears are slowly starting to stream down your face,"I always wanted to lose weight and I had a really bad depression, you know that. You said we can go through this together. But you've been so mean and rude the past weeks. I hate you. It's over. Bye."

"(Y/N), no I didn't mean it, I'm so sorry, pls st-"

"No", you interrupted him. You ran away to your best friend Michael. In the time Luke was so rude, you thought alot about him. Michael was your best friend, but you think you felt more for him. Much more. Everytime you saw him your knees started to get weak and your heart felt like it wanted to jump out of your body.

You knocked on his door and he opened. He looked worried as he saw you sobbing.

"Omg, (Y/N), what happened?"

"Luke is an complete idiot, I broke up with him, bc he said I looked ugly and he was just so rude in the past weeks. I hate him, Michael, I hate him"

You were crying, while he hugged you. You were happy when you were in his arms. Your heart was racing.

"(Y/N) , I'm so sorry, seriously. You're the most adorable and lovely and beautiful girl on this planet, Luke has no right to treat you like that.... I didn't want to tell you tbh, but now that it's over I wanted to tell you that I just feel a connection between us. I fell so hard for you, (Y/N). I love you."

"Omg, Michael, I feel the same for you. I love you too."

You smiled, your make up ruined but it didn't matter because Michael leaned in to kiss you. He thought you were the most beautiful, amazing and funniest girl. And it wouldn't change. For the rest of your lives.

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