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'I miss you so...' Micheal stares out of his window, looking down on all the streets he had been seeing for so long. All the buildings along those streets.

Nothing has changed since last week.

But everything is different now. Ever since she went away... since she lost the fight. Since she left him.

Little footsteps in the hallway. A door that opens and closes. Michael turn around and sees his toddler daughter walking up to him. Their daughter...

'What's with mommy, daddy?' She asks, with a happy smile that doesn't fit the question.

'She's a little sick baby girl.'



'Is she still in hospital, daddy?'

'Yes. Yes she is.'

'Why are we never visiting again?'

'But we are, don't you remember?'

'No, we never go to the hospital anymore.'

'Mommy's not in hospital anymore, sweety.'

'Then where is she?'

'Somewhere very nice. Where she doesn't feel sick.'

'I miss mommy. Can't she come back?'

'No pumpkin she can't.'



'Does mommy love us?'

'Yes, mommy loves us very, very much.'

'Then why doesn't she come back?'



Daddy why are you crying?


Daddy please don't cry again.'

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