“You’re such a dork,”I mumbled to myself,as Luke waddled across the room like a penguin.Over the past half hour,he had been a mermaid,a fish,a tree and a penguin.

And a Mexican.

I was sat down on the couch,near the door to the stage.We had been travelling for something like fourty days,and it was getting hard,because we had to fit in sleeping,eating and then going to shows and flying.

The lads were used to it,but I wasn’t.

I needed sleep,and I wanted one bed to sleep in.Luke walked over to me,and sat down beside me.

“You okay?”he asked.I nodded.

“Yeah,just tired,”I mumbled.He smiled,and opened his arms.

“Cuddle?”he asked.I giggled.

“Luke,you’re on stage in like,twenty minutes,”I mumbled.He pouted.

“Small cuddle?”he asked.I smiled.

“I can’t say no to that face,”I mumbled.He pulled me into his arms,and I laid my head on his chest.I felt like going to sleep,but I had to stay awake.

Luke had to go on stage with the other lads,and then I fell asleep.

On the couch.

In a dressing room.

I was there for the whole show,and I woke up when I felt someone gently touch my shoulder.

“Baby,we’re leaving,”Luke mumbled.I nodded,and opened my eyes.It was dark.I saw Luke,smiling.

“What are you smiling about?”I asked,as he took my hand.He shook his head.

“Nothing,”he mumbled,his smile getting bigger.We walked out to the carpark,and got in a car to go to the hotel.When we got in,I saw Cal,Mike and Ash.

“Hi guys,”I mumbled.I was still half asleep.Cal smiled.

“Hey sleeping beauty,”he said.I smiled,and Luke shot him a glare.I laid my head against the window,and closed my eyes.We drove to the hotel,and then we got out.I walked into the lift,and pressed the button to our floor.I knew the other lads were in the lift,but my eyes seemed to close by themselves.I felt a hand grip mine,and knew it was Luke.

“Is she falling asleep standing up?”Ash asked.I heard Luke chuckle.The lift stopped and we got out.

“Night,”I heard one of the boys say.I smiled.

“Night,”I mumbled.Luke and I walked to our room,and I flopped on the bed.

And I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning,and turned over in bed.I was still in my clothes from yesterday,but I was under the covers with Luke.I sighed,and got up.I walked into the bathroom with some sweatpants,and a tank top.I had a shower,and changed into the clothes I had brought in with me.I walked out,and saw Luke sitting on the bed,scrolling through his phone.I smiled.

“Morning Lucas,”I mumbled,sitting down beside him.He lay back,and pulled me with him.

“Morning beautiful,”he mumbled.I smiled,and cuddled into him.

And we were okay.

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