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Michael Clifford is blind, hes use to it by now, Calum Hood is a clueless teen who thinks Michaels is breath taking. Calum doesnt mind that he is blind, he has scenes that work better because of this. Calum just wants to get to know the boy, he has to hide this blind boy from his homophobic household... Funny part is... He doesnt have a clue that Michael is different...

POV Calum

I watched the boy with the dirty blond hair and sunglasses closely. He never really spoke, all he ever really did was listen to music he was also quite a klutz he tends to bump into things a lot. I think its cause its so dark in the school that he cant see with those sunglasses. He doesnt mind about the way he looks, his hair is always messy, clothes never matched, shoes didnt either, hed wear one van and one combat boot but he never seemed to mind. Hes so different and i love that he doesnt care. I wrote a note to him. "Hi, my name is Calum Hood, youre really really different and i love it. How do you ignore bullies?" Is what i wrote and i crumpled it throwing it towards him as it hit his head.

He looked around confused "hello?" You heard a low hugh pitched voice say "does someone need something?" He asked. I frowned... I guess he hates me.

Michael's POV

I felt something hit my head, i spoke out asking if i was needed, no one said anything. I sighed upset... Everyone takes advantage of me and picks on me cause i cant see... I heard a chair scrape against the floor amd footsteps lead out.

I pulled out my phone. "Text Ashton: hey ash can you come pick me up?" My phone repeted it to me and sent.
"From ashton: on my way mate have the teacher help you to the office." I chuckled to myself, as i stood up grabbing my cane and pushing my glasses up as i felt around with my cane and got my way to the office.

"H-hi" i heard someone say i turned my head to where i thought the voice was coming from.

"Hello?" I said

"Over here..." I heard a chuckle

"Oh" i turned my head the other way.

"Hi im calum" his voice squeaked.

"Hi im mi--"

"Clifford lets go." I heard ashton and smiled

"Sorry i have to go nice meeting you" i said leaving.

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