You sit in the airport, waiting for your boyfriend Luke. You have been dating Luke for almost 3 years. You were really nervous, and you couldn't understand why. About six months ago he left you to to go on tour around doing interviews, and radio shows ect. You tried not to be upset when he went, as he was doing what he wanted to do, fulfilling his destiny, chasing his dream. But at night, you secretly missed being by his side. Wrapped in his arms, warm, safe. He begged you to go with them, but you couldn't, you had your family, friends and your job to consider. You couldn't just get up and leave like he did. Your eyes start to water as you see, as you see Michael, Ashton and Calum walk through, then, you see him. You begin to cry happy tears. Luke walks behind, pulling his suitcase. He messes with his hair and takes off his sunglasses then he spots you. He drops his suitcase and runs over. "Y/N" he screams, picking up by your waist, kissing you and spinning you around slowly. "I love you" he whispers. His bodyguard ushers you both over to the car, pushing through the crowds of fans and paparazzi. You weren't used to all the fame. You sit next to him in the back. You soon arrive back at his home, and you sit on the sofa, looking through the movies, hoping to watch a movie and have cuddles with him. You see him getting his coat on, ready to go out. "I'm only going out for a couple of hours. I'll be back soon" he says, leaning over and kissing your cheek. You wake up at around 1am, to a lot of noise. You sit up to see Luke, horrendously drunk, trying to kiss you. You taste the alcohol on his breath. That's when you knew it had to be done. He hadn't seen you in 6months, then when he did he went off to a party and didn't come back till late. You couldn't handle the fame. The fans hated you. Things weren't working anymore. "Goodbye" you said, your makeup running down your face. That was the last thing you said to Luke Hemmings.

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