Today was the day. You were going to get your 3rd scan. You were 4 months into your pregnancy but your bump wasn't growing. You were becoming concerned. Ashton booked you an earlier appointment instead of going later in the month like usual. 

'W-what if I have lost the baby?' You said. Tears brimming your eyes. 

'Hey, don't think like that princess. We will get through this,' he said pulling you into a hug

'But, w-what if I h-have?' A tear slipped down your cheek. 

'We could always try again soon,' he said. His thumb catching your tear. He leaned in a gave you a gentle kiss. 

'Come on baby, we need to go now,' he said taking your hand.

~ skipping the car journey ~

You pulled up outside the hospital. Ashton came round to the passenger door and opened it like a gentleman. 

'Thank you Mr Irwin,' you said giving out a slight chuckle. 

'Anything for you,' he said taking a bow. He took your hand as you walked into the hospital. 

'Hello, we are here for a scan with Dr Christian,' you said leaning over the desk. 

'Right that way, he is ready and waiting,' she said pointing in the direction of room 24.

You knocked on the door and dr Christian opened it. Greeting you with a hand shake and a hello.

'Take a seat,' he said making a hand gesture towards the bed.

You pulled your nirvana t shirt up. He done the usual. 

He put cold gel on your stomach and rubbed it round using the ultrasound roly thingy 


You hoped off the bed after cleaning yourself up.

You went and sat next to Ashton who was at the desk with the doctor. 

'Good news, or bad news first?' The doctor said. 

You looked at Ashton and took a big gulp. 

'Bad news first,' you squeezed Ashton's hand. 

'Well erm, I'm really sorry about this, and I really didn't want to have to say this. But, you have had a miscarriage.' 

With that you burst into tears. Ashton say you on his lap as he drawed circles on your back trying to calm you. Once you had tears left, you looked up at the doctor. 

'Good news?' You said quietly. 

'We can get the egg out this week,' he said looking at you with sad eyes. 

You gave a little nod before looking at Ashton. His eye looked sad. 

Doctor Christian got up and left the room. Leaving you two alone.

'Im sorry,' you said. Tears threatening to spill again. 

'Hey, it's ok baby, it's not your fault. These things happen.' 

'It is my fault, I was the one carrying the baby. And I obviously wasn't careful.' A tear slipped down your cheek. Followed by many others. Ashton rubbed your cheek with his thumb, wiping away all your tears before kissing your lips gently. 

'Its not your fault, trust me, don't be hard on yourself, we can always try again,' he said. Pushing your hair out of your face. 

You nodded gently and small smile appearing on your face.

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