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You slipped into your dress. Your favourite dress. Your wedding dress. Your little helpers smoothed it down and put on your Veil along with your shoes. They took the cloth off the mirror so you could see what you looked like. A tear slid down your face. 

'Hunni, you'll ruin your makeup,' Your best friend said, wiping away your tears. 

'But I look so fat and ugly,' you said ripping out the veil.

'You look perfect. Your about to marry the man that every girl would die for!' She said reassuringly.

'No. No I'm not.' You corrected her. Your mum had left the room by now. Your makeup was ruined and you sat and stared at your arms. Scars trailed up them, spreading across your chest area. Your life had been a living hell but, you were 6 months clean, and it was all because of Michael. You just had the reminders left on your body, and you hated it. But Michael, well, he 'loved' it, because it showed that you were strong enough to push through it. 

'Hey, baby,' a soft hand touched yours as the other wiped away your tears. 'You look beautiful, what's wrong?'

'That's the problem, I don't. I'm a mess Michael,' you began to shake. 

'What do you mean?' 

'These scares make me ugly, this dress makes me look fat, my makeup is ruined. This wedding is a disaster. I'm selfish. I'm sorry,' you choked as you rested your head in the crook of Michaels neck. 

Your best friend, your mum, your dad, Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael's parents were all here by now because of the scene you had created. They were watching Michael do his 'thing' to calm you down. Like usual. 

'Hey, hey, beautiful. From the day I met you, I knew I was going to marry you. The day I saw you lying on that bathroom floor unconscious, I was in pieces. For days, the boys tried to keep me together. But I couldn't. You were there for me when I was alone, and I was there for you when you were alone. You need to understand that this is all in the past. You have to forget about it. It was a way of coping, and I understand. These scars make you beautiful. I love you forever in a million. I WILL marry you today and I'm not letting that go to waste,' he kissed your scars on your wrists. 'And remember, you're not alone!' He said, as he rolled up his sleeves to reveal multiple marks escalating up his arms. Everyone froze. No one moved. His parents had tears in there eyes. So did the boys. 

'And remember you aren't alone either baby,' you said kissing him softly. Michael got up and walked out of the room so you could sort yourself out. The boys and his arenas chased after him.

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