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His speech at your funeral~

"I was going to propose to her next year but instead I'm here talking to you about her death I didn't realise how much hate she got im just so stupid it should have been me dead, i just wish I could have been there for her more then I was I cant even explain how I felt when I saw her lying there in her own pool of blood, I can't live with out her. Blood fell instead of rain that night. I love you y/n..."

~6 months after your funeral~ 

Michael had been a wreck he left the band you were his everything. He could never love anyone but you. He had the note you left him in his hand reading it over and over again

Dear Michael

I'm so sorry for doing this I just couldn't take the hate anymore I love you so much I just needed to leave this world please don't cry over me or do anything stupid, remember that I am watching over you. Find someone much better then me. This is so short im sorry I'm just to lazy to write more im sorry Mike

Love Y/N

"No y/n I can't love anyone else" he whispers to himself.

Michael ran upstairs to the bathroom, " baby girl I'm coming soon I promise" Michael shouts he quickly took the note he write a few weeks ago and put it on his bed it said

Dear who ever reads this

I've gone to reunite with my true love I just can't live with out her if you read the note y/n left for me it's the exact same for you im sorry 

Love Michael

"I'm coming baby girl" 

He took the blade 1 cut. 2 cuts. 3 cuts. More and more cuts were forming on Michaels body they got deeper and deeper. He knew it was time as his vision became blurry "finally I can reunite with you" he whispers.

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