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“Michael I never EVER ask what you’ve been doing but you’ve been gone for two days straight!!” You screamed from the top of the stairs, it scared you how fast he had climbed down, climbed away from you when you had asked what he had been up to, you knew what he said he had been doing but it didn’t feel like the truth to you…

“(Y/N) I was out with the boys, I got a little too drunk and I didn’t want to drive home! Jesus Christ is that such a crime?” You winced at the anger in his voice, he’d never yelled at you before… Maybe you’d pushed too hard, I mean why he would lie to you, you weren’t quite sure. And suddenly guilt had washed over you.

“Mikey I’m sorry,” you climbed down the stairs and wrapped your arms around his waist burying your face in his chest. “I shouldn’t doubt you, I love you.” But he didn’t say anything back, he just pushed you back and walked out the door, and what the hell did that mean?!

You had cried most of the rest of the night, and it sucked not having Mikey there to calm you down so instead you decide to call Luke and see what he was doing. “Hey Luke, are you busy?” you ask through sniffles. 

“No, are you okay?” when you didn’t respond he continued as if you had, “I’ll be right over okay?” you said okay and unlocked the door so he could let himself in. About a half an hour later he did and wrapped you in a hug before you could tell him why you’d needed one. “Where’s Michael?” he asked which just incited more tears.

“I don’t know I thought he’d of gone back out with you guys when he walked out earlier but he didn’t say… Luke, what where you guys doing the last few days?” you whimper hoping he could at least ease your mind about him cheating on you.

“(Y/N) what are you talking about? We haven’t seen Mikey in over a week, Ash and Cal are on holiday and I’ve been writing the last few days for the new album.” It looked like Luke was thinking as hard as you are why Mikey would lie to you but then it hit him, “He did mention a friend of his… but I can imagine he’d of actually gone to see her.”

“What do you mean?!” you yell knowing exactly what you were about to hear…

“A fan messaged him on Facebook, they’ve been talking…. She promised him… well… he said he wasn’t going to do it though, said he loved you much too much to hurt you like that.” The tears were a tidal wave at this point, uncontrollable and each one more painful than the last. Each breath you took for the rest of the night was like a knife to the lung. You’d sent Luke home telling you had to deal with this one alone, but you’d regretted that as soon as he drove away. You knew this was too painful to do alone, but you managed. You packed as many clothes that would fit in a suitcase, the few stuffed toys that weren’t given to you by him, and your favorite fleece blanket knowing that it would be the only way you’d get any sleep the next few weeks.

After you were packed you sat on the couch and waited for the door to open, but after waiting all night it hadn’t so you opted to write a short note that you taped to your door as you left for your mothers home.

Michaels’ POV

I knew I shouldn’t have lied to her, I should have come clean as soon as she’d asked where I had been and why I smelled like that girl, Emmalee, but I guess I didn’t know what I’d tell her. That I’d slept with her? That I enjoyed it? That I didn’t love her? I couldn’t, it’d of been a lie, a horrible lie. That’s why I walked out; I had to end it before I came clean. I had to tell Emmalee I loved (Y/N) and always would. I broke her heart when I told her I wasn’t leaving (Y/N), but I knew I could live with that if it meant keeping my princess…

I walked up to the door and saw the paper taped to the door, my name written in her perfect girly handwriting. I opened the note knowing long before I began reading what it said, but I pushed through it anyway, I deserved this pain I guess… 

“Michael, I’m sorry to do this like this but I waited all night for you to come home and you never did. I guess you ran back to her (Luke told me everything you were too afraid to say) and I understand… I’ve packed what I needed for now and I’ll send someone for the rest later, I’m sorry if this was something I did and I hope you know that… that I love you.” I paused and winced, the ink was smeared with tears and I wasn’t sure if they were hers or my own, “I always will but clearly you had stopped loving me whenever you began loving her, and for that I can't be mad. I hope she makes you happy, I really do. I never wanted much, just a little bit of your heart, but I guess I was a fool… but I’ll always be your fool… One of your many, (Y/N)”

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