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'Dear Ashton,

No doubt you're the one who found me. The one who found me in that bath tub, alone like the way I knew I would go. No one ever cared enough but you. You always came to check on me, but unfortunately that isn't enough. It isn't enough when I love you but you'll only see me as a friend.

Now, don't think this is your fault. In no way have you caused this circumstance that has ended my life. You kept me around for so much longer, six years longer to be exact. You're incredible and you're only going to save more lives. Don't you dare stop doing that because of me. You have a gift and you need to use it.

I'm honestly sorry this is how you'll discover me though, naked and bleeding no doubt. Not sure how this is going to happen but I know it won't be pretty. How awful is that? How calmly I can write this letter and feel nothing but excitement.

You've been an amazing best friend and I'm more than grateful for the time you spent with me. Thank you for letting me feel what happiness was compared to the rest of my life.

You'll no doubt me the only one to miss me. Mourn, but mourn for a maximum of a week. I don't deserve your tears or remorse. You deserve to move on and move on you shall or I'll haunt your ass Ashton Irwin.

- (Y/N) x'

Ashton stares at the sheet in front of him. Flecks of bloody lining the piece of paper and your calm, looping writing running from left and right. Such a familiar thing that he feels his heart breaking. His eyes turn to you, laying in the bathtub. You were naked and the bath was lined with red, the water tinted the same colour. Your head rested on the bathtub and vomit softly floated on the surface of the water. It was disgusting and not how he would have seen you go. You seemed so much more graceful, classy, than this. But you never truly knew a person who didn't want to be know. You didn't want to be know, and you had been alone and scared but no one had cared. No one but Ashton. Because despite your assumptions his heart pined for you more than the best friend bond you shared. No you were gone, gone from this earth and he had no way of ever telling you that. That was the thought that had Ashton shaking, the tears rolling down his cheeks as he collapsed to the floor in the bathroom. You'd punched a hole in his heart without even realising it and he didn't know if it would ever heal.

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