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"it was one guy Ashton, it's not like it's going to happen again!" You say, throwing your hands up in the air to exaggerate your point of the situation. Ashton had just found out that you'd cheated on him at the party you went to last Saturday. You hadn't meant to get caught. You were fine with everything else, but getting caught was the biggest downfall. "Please forgive me, Ashy," you say, your lips forming into a pout as you lean forward to rest your arm against his forearm. "You're the guy I love."

"Mhmmm," Ashton says, his eyes wide as you begin to move forward towards him. You resist keeping a smirk from creeping its way across your lips. You knew how to have Ashton wrapped around your finger. You let out a girly giggle as Ashton leans forward and presses his lips beside your ear. "How about you piss off?"

You jolt away at his words, your eyes wide as you watch a smirk creep it's way onto his face. It was in that moment you knew that it was over between you and Ashton. It was in that moment you made the biggest mistake of your life. You lost the best person to enter your life because you weren't able to stay committed. Though it was the best thing that happened to Ashton. Causing him to grow as a person and be able to continue with his journey that is life. He would forever be proud of his decision to cut you off. He didn't take you back like so many other people would. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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