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You hear your Phone beeping for the almost twentieth time today and no surpise once again it's the most annoying human being on earth. He litarelly calls you every day, texts you 10 minutes asking how your day is going, while you're just trying to watch a movie without being disturbed, he even came by your house once. Leaving him with short answers cleary wasn't obvious enough to show him you were not interesed, which was weird, because like half of the planet was in love with him. You had to admit he looked pretty handsome, but like, he was so freaking arrogant, and you were just so freaking not social. So only one option rested. When you heard another beep coming on your Phone, you took it, typed in his number, and when you immediately heard his voice, you yelled, 'Why can't you understand that I'm just happy being alone.' With that, you prbably made the worst decision in your life, because that boy was your one and only and you didn't even see that. He was the one who would Always be there with you, even when you weren't there for him. All of hthat, gone, because of that one callL

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