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It was another horrible day at school. Getting bullied, stalked, tormented. It has been going on for months. Finally today it happened. She broke you. She set you off and broke the final string holding you together, keeping you sane, keeping you from breaking. You ran home from the bus stop and went straight to your room. You were alone finally. You sank down against the wall screaming, crying, gasping for air. You logged on to your Instagram one last a posted a picture of your crush: your next door neighbor and best friend Luke Hemmings with the caption
"What would you do if you found me curled up on the floor with my wrists, thighs, and stomach covered in blood and tears?

P.S. I love you Lucas and I'm sorry."

With that you shut off your phone and pulled out a small blade from the hidden container in your dresser. One, two, three, you took in a deep breathe and started to release the pain you had trapped inside, the debris from the final snap of your sanity. At one point you started to get dizzy to the point where you couldn't even hold the little blade anymore. There you were, curled up on the floor with your wrists, thighs, and stomach covered in blood and tears. Finally you could relax. You weren't scared, of the girls who torment you, the boys who mercilessly tell you your worthless, death.

As you started to drift in and out of consciousness you imagine the voice of Luke saying "(y/n) I love you too! I always have." You only smiled until you realized that it was getting louder and louder. Your crush, Lucas Hemmings was in your bedroom "(y/n) I Lov-" he cut off unable to speak. Tears stared to roll down both of your cheeks. Calmly, he wiped the tears off of your cheeks as he called for help. He sat down next to you, wrapped you in his flannel trying to stop a little of the bleeding and gently cradled you in his strong arms.
"You're not going to leave me. Nor will I leave you. Your strong, beautiful, independent and you can get through this. (Y/f/l/n) I love you and I'm going to make sure you get through this." He said wiping the tears from your cheeks

"Im sorry Luke.." Is all you could say before the room spun and went black.

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