His body lay there cold and lifeless. You wished you hadn't of left, it was all your fault. No matter how many times you were told it wasn't your fault, you knew deep down it was. You decide to get up and go for a walk. You sling your bag over your shoulder and hang your head low. Things will never be the same again.

You make your way through the corridors, passing nurses and families who seemed to be either stressed or crying. However you right now we're doing neither. You were to broken to cry. Your heart was broken. Torn and ripped to shreds all because of a silly and pathetic argument you had with him. Him being Ashton. The love of your life. Your rock, your shoulder to cry on. Your joy. Your happiness. Your other half. Your world. After that argument you decided it was over. You decided that all good things must come to an end and this was your time. You ended your relationship because of rumours and pictures of Ashton with another girl. You broke off your 3 year relationship. You broke it off, just like that. You never thought that your relationship would just go at the click of your fingers. It all happened so quickly you barely had time to think.

You drag your limp body into the cafeteria, flopping your body onto a table in the far back where you wouldn't get much attention. As soon as you sat down, the realisation hits you. The realisation that your one true love, the one who could make you laugh when the only thing you wanted to do was cry, the only one who understood you. He could be dead. He could be fluttering his angel wings and looking down upon you.

You pull out your phone and flick through the album you have of you and Ashton, smiling at all your unforgettable memories that you shared and experience together. You sigh and drop your phone onto the table.

Suddenly, 3 familiar boys walk your way, Calum, Luke and Michael. You tell your self you won't cry, crying is a sign of weakness but as soon as the boys sat down, Michael and Calum one side and Luke next to you, your whole world came crashing down. Luke puts arms arms round you, embracing you into his warm body. That's when you lose it. You break down into Lukes chest, your tears warm and cascading down your cheeks. Luke's grip on your fragile body becomes tighter and his head rests on top of yours. You break down even more. You cry until you can't cry anymore. You didn't care if people were staring, you needed Ashton back. You needed him to be ok.

Once you'd finally stopped crying, you pick yourself up and slide out of the chair. The boys get up and follow you back to Ashton's room. Just as you reach the door, several nurses and doctors push past you, rushing into his room. Your heart began to race. "What's going on?" You stutter, your voice on the edge of breaking. The nurses just ignored you and Calum came by your side placing his hand round you. You had to know what was happening. You run forward but Calums strong grip pulled you back and brought you into his chest. You couldn't hold on anymore. You colapse to the floor, your legs becoming weak and your head becoming dizzy. The boys crouch down beside you, rubbing your back, soothing you and trying to calm you down.

-1 hour later-

And hour later passed and finally, the nurses and doctors came out of Ashton's room. You sat up an your head bolted up into the direction of the door. "You may see him now" a polite nurse exclaimed, placing a clipboard onto a shelf. You slowly stand up, "do you want us to come with you?" Michael asks, standing up with you. You shake your head and he sits back down, nodding in understanding. You walk towards the door, taking a deep breath before pushing the door open.

You step inside and shut the door behind you. Tears filled your eyes at the sight in front of you. He lay there limp but with slightly more colour in his skin than he did last time you saw him. You walk over to his bed and sit down on the chair next to him. You begin softly sobbing into your hands. "I'm so sorry ash, I love you so much." You take his hand in yours and hold it tightly. "Please wake up, I need you." You please but you knew that no matter what you said to him, he wouldn't wake up. You place a small kiss upon his hand and smile wearily at him. "I love you so much" you whisper. With Ashton's hand still in yours, you feel your fingers entwine. You slowly look up, your eyes blurry from crying, with your spare hand you rub your eyes and look up at Ashton. His eyes flutter open and look down at you. You smile tiredly and he smiles back at you. "I love you too Y/N, I love you so much"

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