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For @Rosalie_Irwin

Why does this always happen to me?
I get close with someone, I give them my all, then they leave. What did I ever do wrong?
You're sitting in your bedroom on the typical Saturday night. The stars were shining brightly through the window and the soft breeze was blowing crispy leaves along the ashy pavement.
Laid out in front of you was your math homework, it was algebra....
"UGH! JESUS CHRIST! X EQUALS Y THE FRICK DO I CARE?!" You scream at the top of your voice. Your hands fly to your face as a single tear falls from your left eye. Why does everything go wrong?
As if by answer, you receive a text from your bestfriend Luke. Ahh, perfect distraction. You've always had a small crush on him, but you've never acted upon it due to the bad experience you've had with guys. He was just perfect.
Once you unlock your phone, you frantically open the messaging app, desperately wanting to see what he has texted you.
The words 'I love you Rosalie.' Were written on your screen. A state of utter shock pulsed through your body. "Why would he love me?" You think to yourself. Just when you were about to reply with your thoughts a few other texts came through:
I'm not going to hurt you
I want to show you off, I want to tell people about you, bring you around my family, do whatever with.
I can't even think straight.
And I know I want you.

You smiled at his words, knowing he's written with his heart on his sleeve. Your mind and your heart is battling each other between what to do.
Your thumbs start tapping away at the screen.

Maybe I do need to love a little.

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