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'Michael, where are you?' My feet stop moving and I try to figure out where Michael is. ...

'I'm right next to you, Ally. It's okay, don't worry.' His voice soothes me and I feel his hand taking mine.

'Where are we? Explain it to me. Tell me every single detail.' I feel Michael lifting me up and helping me to sit on top of something.

'I used to come here every day when I was younger. We are sitting on top of a stone hedge, which I always played on. I used to close my eyes and slowly walk, step by step, over the hedge. It gave me the feeling that I was free, and independent.' I lean into him and lay my head on his shoulder.

'On our right, there is a lake. It's a beautiful lake, you would love it. In summer, me and my friends would swim in it, the water always to cold but giving us such a rush. The water is ice blue, and clear. You can look through the water, and even see the bottom. In front of us, you can see the beginning of a park. There are trees everywhere.'

'The sky Michael, describe the sky for me.' I bite my lip and try to let all the memories of colors and shapes flow into my mind.

'The sky Ally, the sky is stunning. It's heavenly blue without any clouds today.'

'I can see it, Michael. I see it!' A tear escapes my eye but I don't bother to wipe it away.

'I have an idea, but you have to trust me. Okay?' His warm body disappears from my side and I feel two hands on my waist, pulling me up so I'm standing on my feet again. His hands are gone again and I hear him jumping next to me on the ground. He grabs my hand again, and I hear a small laugh escaping his mouth.

'I got you, okay? Don't worry. I want you to feel free. Keep focussing on your feet. Move them, slowly and carefully.' I nod, frowning and slowly taking a step. It feels frighting, but free at the same time. I stop frowning and take another step, and another one and another one. Michael guides me, and squeezes my hand.

'I can do it alone now.' I say, letting go of his hand. I feel a huge rush coming over my body as I take my first step. I take another one, and I feel my confident grow within seconds.

'Michael, I'm walking alone! I'm free. I'm free!' I scream, laugh and cry at the same time.

Because for the first time in 16 years, I feel as free as a bird.

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