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You and Luke had been dating since you were both 15 and your 18th birthday is in 1 month

"Lukey, You know because you love me. Will you tell me what you are getting me for my birthday" You whined hoping he would tell you.

"It's still a month off yet, Just wait and see (Y/n)" Luke winked.

1 week later you fainted and got taken into hospital and the nurse told Luke that you had a bad heart, Luke fell to the floor crying.

On your 18th Birthday you recovered and you went home, looking for Luke everywhere, You couldn't find him anywhere but you found a letter on your bed...It was from Luke.

You read it out loud... 

"To the love of my life; (Y/n), 

If you are reading this it means it all went well

Remember when you asked me what i was going to get you for your birthday? 

Well i gave you my heart. 

You deserve to live a full and happy life

I'll always be with you 

from Lukey"

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