"And then suddenly, you meet that one person that makes you forget about yesterday, and dream about tomorrow." You tell Calum ignoring the whispers that were coming from people around you. "You were that person who made me forget about yesterday and actually start to dream about tomorrow." You continue on still ignoring everyone around you. "You were the person that made me believe that I actually had a future." You sigh while backing away from Calum. You wipe your eyes as you feel the tears start to fall, still maintaining eye contact with Calum's wide eyes. "But I guess that's gone down the drain." You say a sad smile making its way onto your face. "I hope you and my so called best friend are happy together." You tell him before turning around and making your way out of the school. This was the last time you would see everyone. You were tired of the heartache, loss and betrayal. You wanted a fresh start, and a fresh start was what you were going to get. A fresh start that didn't have a certain brown eyed boy named Calum or a slut as a best friend. You were finally going to be free from all the bull shit you had to put up with over the years. Like they say. New city, new you.

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