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Your p.o.v
When I woke up I was greeted by a bunch of happy birthday tweets from a bunch of people. I tried my best to answer them all. My best friend sent me a whole novel and I almost teared up. I got birthday wishes from Luke,Calum,Michael, but none from Ashton. I tried not to think much about it, but it really upset me.
I had a party planned and everyone I knew was invited. I spent this whole week planning it because I wanted this year to be huge.
"(Y/N) someone is calling you" my mother yelled out. I ran downstairs and picked up the phone.
"Happy Birthday (Y/N)" Ashton yelled out through the phone. I giggled and smiled.
"Thank you. Are you coming tonight?"
"Um.. About that I can't "
I felt my heart shatter into pieces.
"Last minute emergency"
"I'm so sorry"
"No really it's ... It's okay"
"I'll call you later"
He hung up and I tried not to cry.

-at the party-
"Happy birthday to you !" Everyone sang. I smiled widely.
"Make a wish!"
I blew out the candle and then a pair of hands covered my eyes.
"Guess who?"
I smiled and turned around and hugged him.
" I thought you weren't coming"
"How could I ever miss my favorite girl's birthday?"
He pulled a teddy bear from behind his back and flowers.
"Looks like my wish came true" he smiled and pulled me into a hug.

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