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you were in a night club,

you had just went up to the bar to get a drink and as you look through your handbag trying to find your purse,

you felt someone's hand lift your arm up out of your handbag and as you look into his eyes you instantly fall Inlove with him, his eyes and his cute smile with curly hair,

"what's your name beautiful?" the man said

"(y/n), and yours??" I said,

"Ashton, Ashton irwin" he said while staring into my eyes

ashton broke the silence between us and said 

"would you like a drink? I saw you going through your bag to get your purse but someone like you shouldn't have to pay for a drink!" Ashton says

you feel yourself starting to go red and you look down at your feet,

"I'll take that as a yes then *ashton giggles* I'll get you a martini" Ashton says while laughing and then he turns to talk to the bartender

it's 12am and you decide to go home but you are too drunk to drive home so you decide to walk to the taxi drop off when you hear a car pull up beside you

"need a lift home?" Ashton says

"yeah, but im just going to get a taxi" you say when you start to walk on

"(y/n) if you don't come with me then I will have to follow your taxi to your house, there isn't a point in paying for a taxi" Ashton says while winking

"okay but you better not be a kidnapper" you say while walking to the car.

"im a beautiful girl napper, and you are my first victim" Ashton says while laughing,

you fall asleep on his shoulder while he's driving, he wakes you up as the car engine gets turned off and you look around confused because you aren't outside your house

"a-Ashton where are we??" you say confused and sleepy

"my house, I felt something special and i knew if I let you go before spending the night I wouldn't hear from you again" he says as he grabs your face with both his hands and kisses you

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