Luke is a Demon hunter, his whole family is. He's been hunting demons for 5 years now, once he was able to be trusted with the power.

One night, Luke was just walking around, his part time band had just finished a small gig at the local bar. You were watching him, waiting for the perfect time to attack him. You knew you could over power him, as you were many years older with more powers.

When you came out of hiding, you put on your innocent look. "Excuse me?" You asked Luke, getting his attention. "Yeah?" He said, turning to face you.

All you did was smirk and walk to him, standing bumping chests. You knew what you had to do, and Luke had no clue what you were. You smashed you lips into Luke's, pulling him into a trance. When you pulled back and opened your eyes, they were completely black. Luke stood frozen, his body & mind not working together.

But once he saw your eyes, he knew that it was game over.

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