Your Pov

You had been having the most Amazing day, You Were having a pool party with Calum (Your Boyfriend ) and the boys , but you didn't realise it was about to get Worse.

"Hey Cal , Im Just Going To Get Changed " 

"Ok Babes " He kisses your Lips and you get up and out of the pool .

You made your way inside but stopped as your threw up Blood , you had worry in your face and you was as white as a sheep , you raced upstairs but didn't make it all the way and you fainted .

"(y/n) " Calum shouts just before you slip to unconscious.

Calums Pov

I was walking inside when i saw Blood ,Wait What ? 

(y/n) , i thought i raced to th stairs to see her on the floor , "(y/n) " 

I picked her up and my hands , she was so pale and trickles of blood were on her bikini. 

"Boys Help " I shout as I start to cry , the boys raced in and started to cry to , 

"We Need to Get Her To a Hospital NOW !" i pick her up and rushed to the car , We Drove to the hospital. Once we got their i ran inside .

"HELP , HELP ME PLEASE " i shout .

A Nurse runs up to me , 

"What's Her Name and what happened ?" 

"Her Name Is (y/n) (s/n) , And she went inside to go get changed and i followed her and saw puke and blood i raced to the stairs and saw her laying their so pale " i say with tears in my eyes .


The doctors come and take her away , i try to follow . 

"Im sorry sir you have to wait " 

i sit their in the lobby with the boys .

Your Pov 

I some up in a hospital bed connect to machines , 

"Ahhh Miss (s/n) , how are you ?" 

"Fine , What Happened To Me ?" 

" Well (y/n) , Im Afraid i have some Bad News " 

"You Have Cancer And Its Too Late To Remove It , It Looks like your only have a year or two left " 

That hit me like a a bomb , i started crying , me cancer , how will i tell Calum .

"Is It alright to bring in Mr Hood " 

i nod 

Calum Walks right in and sees my tear stained eyes ,

"Baby what's Wrong ?" 

I look at him in the eyes and sigh 

"I Have Cancer "

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