Dear Diary,


Damaged is what i am without her.

Without her cute giggle that seems to make my entire day, the one that makes all my walls tumble down, revealing my true, horrible, destroyed and broken self to her. 

Without her innocent, beautiful, pure and loving blue eyes that seem to burn holes in my soul every time she looks at me. They are what i miss the most about her. Those special eyes that make me weak on my knees. I love every single thing about her eyes. God, even the way she angrily glares at me with them whenever we get into a fight. 

Without her soft fingertips that calm me down whenever she touches me, or traces invisible patterns on my bare skin. 

Without her hands. How i miss her playing with my hair with my head on her lap. That used to help me sleep better than any lullaby.

Without her arms. The ones they hold me close whenever i'm crying or feeling down.

I miss her comforting me. I miss her flashing me breathtaking smile. I miss everything about her and i honestly don't know how i am going to last without her by my side.

Much Love,

Ashton xx

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