As Luke was away on tour you were sat there, reading, missing him. Anytime you thought about him you started crying, because you missed him so much. You were sat there on the 23 rd of December, reading, like always when Luke was away, when you received a text. It was from Luke! The text read:
"Hey babe, I miss you so much, but I am unable to come home for Christmas... I love you, and I'm really gutted I won't be able to be there, but management have forced us to stay, and write some songs... Love Luke"
You burst out in tears and just curled up on the couch crying. 
It was Christmas Eve and you had just fallen asleep on the couch, your tears had stained the couch pillows and your mascara had run across your face.
The whole day you prepared for Christmas alone. 
That night you curled up on the couch, watching Christmas movies until midnight when you switched to the news "MERRY CHRISTMAS" you heard the man on the news bellow. You were about to head up to bed when you heard a knock at your door. You went over to the door. There was a huge gift, for you. "Y/N from all of five seconds of summer xx P.S open immediately"
You took the gift in, well you dragged the gift in. You took the big bow placed on top off, and ripped open the box. Inside was Luke, down on one knee, with an engagement ring in his hand. 
"Y/N the past few months have killed me, being away from you was horrible, all I talked about was you. I never want to leave you again, so the past couple of days I have been searching for the perfect ring, which I found, and now I have an important question to ask you, will you marry me?"
"YES!!!" You screamed and kissed him passionately. He slid the ring on your finger and kissed you again. You then heard Ashton shout, "can we come in yet, it's cold out here!"
Luke gestured for them to come in, they knew what had happened, and congratulated you both. "He has one more question to ask you Y/N" said Calum.
"Will you come on tour with us, and just stay with me all the time?" Luke asked
"Of course I will" you said and kissed him.
"Merry Christmas babe," Luke said. "Merry Christmas to you too Luke" and you kissed him.

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