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I looked over at Luke,who was with that girl.Luke and I had been best friends for ever,and then this girl just decided to saunter in,just as I found out I loved him.

She wasn’t ugly,she was just mean,and selfish.She looked perfect,and then,one day when I was at Luke’s house,with the lads and her,I heard her say,

“Can I come on tour with you?”

I honestly could have just strangled her.I had been told only one person could go on tour with them,and that had been either me or Liz.Liz knew I’d look after the guys,and vice versa,so we had all confirmed that.I looked over at Mike,and he held out his hand.I took it,and then he pulled me close.

“Mike,what if he lets her come on tour?”I asked,as we walked to a different room.I saw Ash and Cal come as well.I sat down,beside Mike on a red couch,Ash sat on the floor,and Cal just sat on a stool.

“She’s not gonna come on tour with us,”he said.

“She’d have the place covered in lipstick.”

I giggled.The door opened,and Luke walked in.

“Um,can I talk to you?”he asked me.I nodded,knowing what he was going to say.I walked outside,and then leaned against the wall,one leg up.


“Lucas,I know what you’re gonna say.But I’m not letting her go on tour wi-”

I got cut off by his lips,gently pressing against mine.I felt the need in his lips.I needed him,and them.

“Luke!”I heard,at the end of the hallway.His lips left mine,and we both turned our heads towards the end of the hallway.She was there,with her mouth open.She then ran towards me,and tried to attack me.She tackled me to the floor.Meanwhile,Luke was trying to hold her back,and Ash,Mike and Cal had come out.

“Get out,”Luke said.Mike helped me up,and we walked back into the room.I lied on the couch,and closed my eyes smiling at what had just happened.

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