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For @niallssweater

"Hellllloooooo Chicagooo!" Luke screams into the mic. "Is everyone having a good time?" Michael asks. "I know we suck, hopefully you all can recover from being forced to be here tonight with us." Ashton jokes. "Oh shut up Ashton." Calum laughs. The crowd is laughing hysterically. "Well i've got a little surprise for you all..." Luke says into the mic. "Can I see our amazing opening act, well, how about just Anouk for now." Luke says looking backstage and seei...ng you. "Anoukkkkk" Luke sings. Ashton does a little drum beat followed by Michael and Calum improvising a little beat. "Anouk... Anouk... Anouk..." Luke sings, trying to get you to come on stage. You come out on stage and walk over to Luke. "Hello!" You say turning on your mic. The crowd screams for you. "Anouk." Luke smiles, making you smile. "Well, beautiful... We've been good friends for a long time now." Luke explains. "GET IT LUKE!" Michael screams into the mic. "ANOUK" Calum says into the mic. "I ship it!" Ashton adds. "Shut up." Luke laughs. "Anouk, Okay.. I really really like you... I was wondering if you, kinda like.. Felt the same?" Luke chuckles nervously. "Yes, Luke." You blush. "WOOOOOO!" Michael, Calum, and Ashton scream. "Will you be my girlfriend, Anouk?" Luke blushes. "Yes!" You smile. Michael runs over and takes your mic. Luke and you share a hug, followed by Luke kissing your forehead. "I'm so happy, i have my princess finally!" Luke says into the mic. "You're cheesy." Calum says into the mic. "Whatever, it's true." Luke laughs. The crowd has been screaming the whole time. "I'm so happy, Luke." You say. "Me too, Anouk." He smiles at you.

(I'm sorry, this is a bad one. I'll make a second imagine"

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