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You ran away.

You didn't know why you did it or how you were going to cope. However you just knew you couldn't live in the same country as your parents let alone the same house. You needed to leave and that's all that mattered to you at the time.

You packed all your essential things, took all the money from your savings account and got the next train to the airport.

Now here you were getting the next flight to London and leaving everything that you knew behind.

You felt like you forgot something and felt like the minute you knew what it was you would go running back for it. You felt like you couldn't live without it however you knew you would just need to toughen up and get used to not having it.

" Y/N!!!!! " you heard a voiced scream. You turned to find Michael running towards you.

That's what you forgot. You forget to tell your best friend Michael you were leaving. He caught up to you and pulled you into a tight hug.

" thank god I'm not to late " he whispered.

" why did you tell me you were leaving y/n ? " he asked. His red and puffy eyes indicated he had been crying and you felt your eyes fill with tears at the thought of him being sad.

" I just have to go I'm sorry but I can't stand living with my parents anymore Michael I just can't I hate them " you replied. The tears began to fall from your eyes and Michael began to cry too.

" I would've packed my stuff and come with you " he sighed. You looked at him shocked. Would he really leave his family and his band behind for you.

" you would leave for me? " you asked. He sighed again and pulled you close.

" of course I would y/n I love you " he replied. You felt your heart ache. You know knew he felt the same as you but it was to late.

" why didn't you tell me earlier I wouldn't of bought my ticket " you screamed. He groaned and hit his fist against the nearest wall.

" please don't leave me y/n I need you " he begged. You sniffled and turned to walk away.

" I'm sorry Michael but this is goodbye " you whispered. He gasped and you could tell by how his voice cracked that tears began to spill out his eyes once more.

" please don't leave " he repeated. You just shook your head and left.

Some people just aren't meant to be together.

Today you have to face that you and Michael are two of those people.

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