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Today has been the absolute longest day of your life. You had three exams and plus your boyfriend, Calum was supposed to come home but his tour got extended. You walked into your shared house and fell on the bed, close to tears and stressed more then ever. You laid there until you heard a soft voice coming from the living room. You jumped up and grabbed the nearest weapon, which happened to be one of Calum's teddy bears. As you walked downstairs, arms in front of you with the bear extended like a weapon. "WHO'S there?!?" You yelled. You heard a very familiar laugh. "Y/n what the hell are you do- IS THAT MR. SNUGGLES?!?" Calum screamed, running and taking the bear. "No! He's mine!" Calum yelled. You couldn't help but laugh at Calum's childishness. "What the hell are you doing here?" You smiled as you crawled into his laps, kissing him softly. Calum grinned. "Maybe I lied and tour wasn't extended?" Calum said innocently and you hit his chest. "Your such as asshole." You mumbled as you cuddled him. "But you love me." He winked. "Of course I do Hood." You rolled your eyes and cuddled up with him.

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