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For @sietske_loves_1D

You go through your knees, picking up the leaves of flowers you just cleaned. It's kind of sad, isn't it, too throw away so much beauty of a flower, just for that flower to fit in a bouquet? You work in a flower shop, it was actually more like working really hard, getting paid almost nothing, but it was better than earning nothing at all.
'Hello? Is here anyone?' You hear a boy say,
'Oh yeah, yeah, sorry, I'm here, how can I help you?' You say, after jumping up from behind the counter.
'Hi...' He says, more like some kind of whisper, followed by silence.
'Did you want anything?' You ask again.
'Oh yeah sorry, just a small bouquet please.' He eventually says.
'I'll go ask someone, I'm new here, I can't make any yet.' You tell, smiling politely.
'No, no, no. That's not necessary, you can do it, I'm sure it'll be just fine.' He says. You doubt, not wanting to fail in front of a kind of handsome, intriguing boy, whe weirdly enough, had flowers in his hair.
'I mean, I guess you know what kind of flowers a girl our age wants, don't you?' He adds.
'Uhm yeah, I guess so. Who is it for?' You ask while trying to make the best of the bouquet.
'Just a really special girl, I like her a lot. I mean I love her a lot. I can't even explain.' He starts telling. You admire the way he talks about her, probably his girlfriend. It's kind of sad, because he looked so nice, maybe your type. But oh well, you don't know him, you'll probably never will.
'She must be very special. You're lucky to have someone that special in your life.' You look down, realizing you'll be abolutely forever alone,
'Yeah I'm pretty lucky. I'm sure you'll find someone that special too, maybe he'll be right in front of you, but you won't notice.' He says, going too far from the subject of the flowers.
'Yeah thanks, see you another time.' You are just ready to go back to work when he says.
'Wait! Here's my number, text me sometime, maybe I can ask your help if I ever need a bouquet for my sister again!' He says, causing you to laugh because you thought it was for the love of his life. Oh well, maybe he's right in front of you.

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