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You sat by your window, thinking about Calum. You had become very close in a very short period of time. You knew you had feelings for him, but he couldn't like you. You were too insecure while he on the other hand was the God of beauty. In the middle of your thoughts, your phone rang. You knew it was Calum from the ringtone. Instantly, you clicked answer.
"Hey, what's up?" You started.
"Come outside, I wanna take you somewhere." He said.
The sound of his voice made your heart melt.
"Uh, ok. I'll be down in a few." You answered trying to sound cool.
Quickly, you grabbed a pair of skinny jeans with a casual white lacy shirt. You put on some mascara and some lip gloss to complete the look. As you walked outside you saw him leaning against his car. Just by looking at him made your knees wobble.
After you both entered the car you asked, "Where to?"
"Surprise." He shot you a cheeky grin then continued driving.
Finally you arrived at the mall. Your heart sank a little bit. 
 Calum saw your disappointed face and quickly assured you it would get better when you entered the mall.
He took you to a jewelery store in the mall.
"Pick out your favorite ring."
It seemed like you were searching for hours until you found the perfect one. It fit perfectly too.
"What size is it?" He asked making you jump.
"Why? You weirdo."
"So I know what size ring to buy you when we get married." Calum had a sheepish smile on his face.
"The size of my fingers can change."
His face sunk. "I'm trying to tell you I like you! Stop ruining the moment!"
A smile made it's way to your face. "You really like me?"
"I do. Now please do me the favor of being my girlfriend?"
Then he paid for your ring and held your hand making life perfect.

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