'TELL ME WHERE THE HELL THIS PHOTO CAME FROM THEN!' Ashton shouted holding a magazine in your face. 

'I told you Ashton, Jai was my child hood best friend, I haven't seen him for 3 years,' you said, tears threatening to spill. 'He is dating Ariana Grande, Ashton I wouldn't do that to you.' Your eyes left his and trailed to the ground. You couldn't believe, Ashton believed the press, over you. There was a photo of you and Jai Brookes with an article about how you hooked up Saturday night when you left your best friends house. 

'(Y/N), DON'T LIE TO ME YOU LITTLE WH*RE, YOU SLEPT WITH HIM AND YOU KNOW IT!' Ashton said dumping the magazine in the bin. 

'Ashton, seriously, slap me if you hate me that much, but I'm telling you I didn't sleep with-' you were cut off with Ashton's hand colliding with your face. He glared at you before walking out.


3 hours later

'(y/n)?' You heard Ashton yell. You slowly walked down the stairs. Your eyes looking at the floor. Ashton put his hand under your chin, your eyes trailed to his. His eyes were blood shot and there were tear stains on his face. Just like yours. He looked you deep into the eyes and said 'I'm sorry.'

'Its ok, I understand that you-' you were cut off when Ashton pressed his lips gently against yours. 'Is that your way of saying sorry?' You giggle. 

'Yes. I'm really sorry. I don't know why I believed it. I guess i was just jealous. Please, babe, just forgive me,' he said placing a kiss on your forehead. 

'I forgive you.' 

'W-was that me?' He said rubbing the red mark on your cheek. 

'Yes, but dont worry, it doenst hurt anymore' You said settling down on the sofa with Ashton. Your head rested on his chest, and you stayed like that for the rest of the night

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