Here you were with your small town band packing to support a band that was so famous everyone in your town talked about them.

You didn't know who they were.
Your band were the ones who signed the contract and whenever you asked them about it they would just smirk and say " you'll know why we kept it a secret when the time comes. "

You had no idea what they meant but went along with it anyway.

6 hours after packing and driving to the airport you found yourself on the plane. You continued to travel for another 14 hours before you arrived at the town that your first show was being held. However you didn't start doing shows until tomorrow.

" are you excited y/n " one of your band mates teased causing the rest of the band to giggle. " I have no idea what's so secretive and funny " you snapped. The inside jokes were really starting to annoy you and you were glad you would soon find out what they were on about.

You went back stage and a body guard showed you towards where the band were doing sound check.

The second you saw the band you knew why your band were so smug.

There was Michael Clifford. The boy you had a summer romance with so many years ago.

" y/n " Michael gasped. You nodded as your tears stopped you from speaking. He ran to you and spun you round before holding you close.

" I promised we would see each other again " he whispered before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.

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