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'@Y/T/N: I'm sorry..'

It was very hard to be with a guy, who's barely at home. Having to deal with all the hate you get because you're dating their idol. It was hard, too hard for you. 

What Michael didn't know, wad that you were always cutting yourself after you read a bunch of Hate. You weren't strong enough to handle. Of course you wouldn't tell Michael because he probably wouldn't understand.

It's been four months dince you've seen him last time and it was killing you. You were just coming home from school as you saw a strange car in the parking lot. You had no idea who it was. Maybe your parents had guests. When you walked in, you sneaked into the bathroom and got undressed, then you went in a towel and underwear into your room to get dressed. As you opened the door, a warm and welcoming smile greeted you. "Hey Baby", Michael said and smiled wide. As you saw him you dropped your towel and all your scars were visuable. Michael looked at you and frowned. "Y/N? What is this?", he asked and walked up to you, looking st your scars. "Nothing", you mumbled and looked at the floor. "Don't lie to me", he stated. "Why?", he asked then, worry in his voice. 

You were quiet for, what seemed an internity. 

"I just.. i can't handle this all by myself. I'm not strong enough for the hate I get 24/7 Michael!", you answered, tesrs running down your cheeks. Michael sighed and pulled you into his arms, where you stayed.

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