You had just been to a 5sos concert and you told your friends that you would meet them outside because you needed to go to toilet when truthfully you were actually going to take the bandage off one of your latest cuts because it was bleeding so heavily. You didn't want to cut but you couldn't help it you had just lost your granny who you looked after every day since you were little and going from being a young carer to having nothing was like loosing half of yourself.

You looked in your bag for a clean bandage but you didn't have one so u washed the blood off your cut and attempted to hide it.

You left the bathroom but bumped into someone you looked up and it was your idol Ashton irwin.

'Im so sorry are you ok? Omg your bleeding I'm so so sorry can I have a look at how deep it is?' He said with his thick Aussie accent. Before you could object he pulled you arm out and noticed all your cuts. His face fell and he looked at you in sorrow.

'Why?' He asked you.

'Im sorry it's not my fault I can't help it' you told him and burst into tears.

He hugged you and took you backstage to clean you up. Later on you met the rest of the boys and little did you know this was the start of a perfect relationship between you and Ashton.

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