"You touch me he dies." The man growled. You'd just gotten home to see your boyfriend, Ashton being pinned against the wall. 

"Y/N, just get out." Ashton whispered, reviving a sharp punch in the stomach.

"You'll kill him anyway." You breathed and the man shrugged. 

"Depends." He shrugged. 

You back out the room and grabbed your phone. "Luke, Calum, Michael!" You whispered into your phone. 

"Y/N?" You heard Luke whisper back. "Where's Ashton?"

"Just please, come here."

A few minutes later, Luke tuned up up on the door step. "What's-"

"Shut up!" You hissed and yanked him inside. You peaked through the key hole and winced when ash was punched. Luke peered through and his eyes widened. "What happened?"

"He killed their gang member because they tried to kill me..."

The man threw the door open and his eyes fixed on Luke. He growled and pulled Luke inside. 

"Don't hurt him too!" You shouted but it was too late. He was hit in the stomach and pushed next to Ashton on the floor. 

"You see Irwin. Your friends hurt too. Your other friends are next. Them your family. Them your girlfriend-" the man was cut off by a loud bang. You shot him. You froze and blinked, staring at the gun in your trembling hands. Both the boys stared. 

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

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