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'What have you got first period?' Jade (your best friend) asked as you walked through the school doors. 

'English, what about you?' You said, looking up. 

'Maths,' she said with a small smile. 

Luke, the school bully, stopped infront of you. He was the boy that made your life living hell, he is the reason you starved, he is the reason you self harm, he is the reason you drank bleach that one time, he is the reason you took 60 sleeping pills 2 nights ago, he is the reason you don't want to be here. 

'Oi, y/n, what the fuck are you doing!' He shouted in your face.

'I-I,' you stuttered 

'No one said you could talk,' he shouted back as his cold hands made contacted with your face. You fell to the hard, cold, ground. Everyone was now watching. You spotted your best friend in the crowd and gave her a pleading look. She shook her head, turned around and walked away. Michael, Luke's best friend, took your bag from your shoulder and tipped it upside down. Shaking everything out. Your books, your makeup, your hairbrush, your perfume, your money, your phone. Everything came sliding out. 

'Wheres your lunch?' Michael shouted, a small grin spread across Luke's face. 

'I-' you started 

'She finally took my advice! That fat cow,' you could see the amount of fun Luke was having. A tear slid down your face. He took your phone and looked through your messages. 

'Oh, baby, kissy kissy, come fuck me,' he said mocking your messages. Everybody in the crowd started laughing. Luke slapped you again before Michael pushed you against the wall. 

'Bitch, do us all a favour and kill yourself!' He whispered in your ear. The words sent a shiver down your spine. You had been to school with Michael since you were young and you always had this major crush on him. But he met Luke when you moved to high school. 

'Can't you see I'm trying.' You whispered back. 

A look of shock, and guilt spread across his face.

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