“She’s a whore” you sat down on the edge of your bed. You’ve been arguing with Luke on dating this girl Melissa weeks ago, can’t believing he decided to try to get her

“What’s the problem with her?” he yelled putting his hands on the air, it was obvious he is frustrating about it

“Um, you haven’t heard what I just had said?” you look Luke walking to on side to another in your room, looking at the floor whispering something you weren't able to hear

“Are you…are you jealous?” he talk later of few minutes in silence

“What?” you chuckled shaking your head to him “I am not jealous. I know Melissa, everyone does. I know she is not good for you”

“So, who’s good for me?” he sat down next you. You open your mouth to say something but closed instantly, don’t knowing what to say

“I - I don’t know” you shrugged “maybe, someone who cares about you, who makes you happy”

“Okay. I won’t date her” he put his arm around your shoulders. You did it, after arguing about this shit weeks and weeks, you finally convinced him

“You won’t?” there was a little exciting on your voice

“Yeah, I won’t” he hold you closer to him “I will find my girl or, maybe I already found her and I haven’t tell her yet” he look at you in the eyes. You love that blue eyes. It doesn't feel weird to be so close to him, it was nice

"Well, if we done with this” you walk towards to your closet “you have to leave now, I have a date”

“A date?” Luke frowns and walks towards to you “with who?” you can say he was getting angry

“Someone” you shrugged


“Alex” you took a simple with shirt and black skinny jeans to wear on you date

“Alex Hudson?” you nod “do you know what people say about him?”

“Come on Luke, nobody says nothing wrong about Alex” you turn on your heels to face him “now, can you leave, I need to get ready”

“(Y/N), he only hook up with girls. He isn’t good for you”

“You don’t even know him” you passed him by to your bathroom but he took you by your wrist, making you stop “what?”

“Stay here with me, let’s go out. Don’t go with him, please” a lovely smile marks on his face, looking at you with those beautiful eyes

“I have to, Luke. We can hang out tomorrow night” he let go you abruptly of your wrist. He pass his hands on his hair, messing up more than before

“You bitch” he mumbled

“I heard that. What the hell is wrong with you? You’ve never called me like that”

“You’re telling me not to hang out with Melissa and I won’t for you but you just can’t cancel your date with that guy for me!” he yelled. Walking side by side on your room a look of angry on his face, you haven’t seen him like this before

“I won’t do it just because you’re telling me to” you sigh, trying to calm down yourself. It looks like this will be a huge fight. You didn’t want to be mad at your date and most important you didn’t want to be mad at him at all “if I said that about Melissa is because I know her”

“I know him too! And you don’t want to believe me, I believe you. Damn it!”

“Why are you so mad for this Luke?” you don’t understand what is the big deal “please, tell me”

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