There he is. The boy you like. The boy you had your heart and soul. Everyday for a year he would walk down the hall and you would gaug at watching him. Everybody liked him and he was the best looking guy you have seen for so long.

After a year of hiding behind lockers and friends. Hiding behind teachers while you snuck a peak you finally got the courage to tell him your feelings.

You made sure you looked perfect, better than perfect even that day. You used your best makeup, outfit and shoes. You may seem a little over dressed for a day in high school but you didn't care. This day could be the begining of the rest of your life if you played your cards right.

You unruffled your skirt and flattened your hair to get any fly away hairs to be in their rightful place. You applied lipbalm on your lips and smacked them together. You looked at your reflection in your locker mirror. This is it. This is when you finally will tell him.

You walked up to him. Your hands were seating while your head was spinning in ten thousand different directions. Anxiety took over your mind telling you everything that could and will go wrong.

As you walked you made sure to walk slow but not too slow. You had a smile on your face. You were two steps away from him. The boy of your dreams.

On the other side of the hall hiding behind lockers was a boy. His name was Michael and you two have been friends since your begining year in high school. You both loved anime and video games. You would stay up late at Night skyping talking about the latest TV shows. Over the past 3 years michael had developed a sma crush that flourished into a blossomed love for you.

He watched you as you approached the boy. His name didn't matter to michael because he knew what would happen as soon you opened your mouth. He cringed.

You were one final step to the end of this era of your lifetime. You locked eyes with him. He closed his locker and turned to you. He licked his lips in aspiration for your outfit. Soon to find out that was it.

"H-hey." You say stuttering wondering the perfect way to phrase this next sentence.

But as you were about to say your question and he was opening his mouth to say hi your bestfriend came up. She gave a wave to you and kissed the boy on his lips he had just licked.

You were wrong. He doesn't like you. He licked his lips because he saw your bestfriend coming over. He didn't even acknowledge you. He was looking behind you. You were devistated. Foolish. An idiot. How could you be so stupid. You don't know. All you know is that you just made a fool of yourself and just want to die and hide in a hole away from everyone.

Michael saw you run. He wanted to just catch you in a hug and embrace you. He felt so bad for you and could feel the pain you were scperiencing now. For the pain you feel is how he failed when he told you his feelings two years prior. The no didn't extinguish his feelings for you but he knew you two would just be friends.

In his basement that night michael and his friends/ fellow band mates of their garage band 5 seconds of summer, named by michael one day, we're currently writing a song. Calum, the one who could write a song in his sleep, had no ideas for any songs. Michael was never the one to give themes for songs but he had the perfect idea after seeing what happened to you in the hallway.

He told his bands the idea and everyone loved it. You would be the inspiration for HeartBreak girl in the song, which is also the title of the song.

Michael would be anonymously telling you to not cry and that your heart is broken but he is here to help mend it. He doesn't want to see you cry and he loves you. You don't know it though. He can treat you so much better than that guy that broke your heart. Only if you would give him a chance.

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