You practically ran up the stairs to your and Ashton's apartment, excitement flowing through your veins. When you opened the door, there was a dead silence and a feeling something was wrong. "Ashton?" You called out, shutting the door behind you, and putting his gift on the coffee table along with your purse. You walked to the kitchen, no one. You walked back to the bedroom, finding everything in its place, beside a note laying by Ashto...n's pillow. You walked over and unfolded it, taking in a deep breath.

'Dear Y/N,
If I'm dead right now, I know it was at your hand. No one else in Heaven or Hell had power over me. Please, don't cry. I was dead before I met you. I was born the day you loved me. And my love for you will keep me alive forever.

Love, Ashton.'

You sobbed for a few seconds, hands shaking and tears falling all over the paper. You looked around, looking for another sign that said that it was all a joke. But you found nothing. Dressers were empty and memories gone.

"Y-you can't do this to me. I'm pregnant with your baby." You cried out, falling to the ground and admitting defeat.

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