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Hurry up Luke!" You said. You were becoming later by the second for a big meeting. He had to go and record some new songs. 
"I'm coming, just fixing my hair!" He came down looking perfect, wearing a tank top, black skinnys with the holes in the knees and black vans, his hair was up in its usual style, perfect as usual. "Ready?" He asked. You were daydreaming about how hot he was, you soon realised he was staring at you. "Hmm yeah, I'm ready!" 
He got in the car and started driving. The pair of you singing at the top of your lungs. He dropped you off and left. 
The meeting was very long and very boring. You called Luke
"Hey Luke, can you come and pick me up yet?"
"Hey Y/N, I'll be 10 minutes."
"Ok see you then, love you!"
"Love you too."
You sat on a bench and started to read "the fault in our stars." When suddenly and man, who was clearly in a gang, came up and stabbed you in the stomach, Luke had just pulled up and saw it happened. Your sight was going hazy, but all you saw was Luke running over. "Y/N! Are you okay baby? Silly question, stay away from the light baby, you'll be okay."
1 week later
You woke up slowly, to see a very worried Luke crying by your bedside. 
"Hey," you said quietly. 
"Y/N!" Luke's face lit up, tears of happiness flooding from his eyes.
"What happened? You know after you ran over to get me?"
"Well, I rushed to the hospital in the car, after wrapping you up in a jacket a fan gave me. I almost crashed a few times trying to get you hear quick enough. You were rushed to the operating theatre, and had your stomach stitched up. I called Ash, Michael and Calum. They came here as quick as they could and stayed by me, in fact they're still here, the went to give me some privacy with you. I've slept here, waiting for you to wake up, and now your finally awake. That was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me, and it made me realise I never want to leave you, so... Y/N, will you marry me, and stay by me forever?"
"Wow... That's a lot of things that happened, and of course I'll marry you! I love you Luke!"
The boys walked in and said "I'm guessing you asked her and she said yes?" 
"Yep!" Said Luke.
He took me home that day, as my body had done a lot of healing when I was in a coma.
We snuggled up and watched movies, as fiancé's.

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