Ashton sighed as he brought the cigarette to his lips, leaning his head back as it softly hit the graffitied wall that sat behind him. His lips parting as the smoke was released into the cold air. He watched the busy streets, alive with people as they stumbled around drunk at this time of night due to this street being the 'life of the party'.

You sighed sitting down next to the stranger who was seeming to be enjoying the peace, the smoke from his cigarette looking so artistic even though you had a strong disliking of smoking. Your friends had ditched you at the club and he was extremely attractive, so next minute you found yourself sitting next to the mysterious and beautiful boy.

"Bullshit city isn't it," you sighed, leaning your head back on the graffitied wall, a sound of relief leaving your lips as you took off you heels, trying to start a conversation.

As Ashton turned around, he was met with the most beautiful girl he had ever encountered in his life, the tight dress hugging your body perfectly showing, that you had obviously just been clubbing and your face was so beautiful it looked as though it should be framed and put in an art gallery. You were just absolutely beautiful.

"Bullshit is one word you could use," Ashton chuckled, as he put out the cigarette on the side of the street.

"This city never fucking sleeps, and all I want to do right now is sleep forever," you groaned, a giggle leaving your painted lips as you realised you were laying your problems on some beautiful stranger who you didn't even know his name yet.

Ashton smirked, nodding his head as he extended his arm in your direction practically reading your mind, "Ashton, Ashton Irwin" he grinned, flashing his award winning smile as you noticed the sleeve of tattoos on his arm and the way he continuously rolled his lip piercing with his tongue. He truly was bloody beautiul.

"(Y/N), (Y/F/N)," you smirked, a blush slightly visible on your cheeks as you both leaned back against the wall.

Even though you didn't know each other and even though you had only known each other for minutes, neither of you knew that in a couple of months, the two strangers on the street would be head over heels in-love with each other, but for now you just sat quietly against the graffitied wall, enjoying each other's company. The two complete strangers on the streets of New York.

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