You&Calum were bestfriends for 10 years! You could trust each other with anything but then you started falling for him! You didn't tell him how you feel cos you didn't want to ruin the best friendship you ever had.. But one day calum introduced you to his girlfriend lexi.. "Y/N, this is Lexi, she's my girlfriend" you're heart sank, you was heartbroken that he replaced you you ran home tears blinding you! You ran up to you're room without saying a word to your family.. You was angry&hurt! How could he do this to you! You threw all the photo's of calum and you in the bin not giving a second to think about it. BLEEP! BLEEP! You had a message, it was from calum it said "hey y/n, why did you get off so fast" you ignored him you got so many calls and texts off him but you ignored them all. Then Ashton called you sent it to voice mail! All the band tried talking to you but you ignored all the calls and texts.. You decide to go to bed without food.. You laid there for hours crying and eventually you fell to sleep!
*the next day*
You're mum woke you up telling you someone was at the door so you went to the door to find Luke, Ashton & Michael stood there "what are you doing here?" "We came to see if you was ok, we heard you was ignoring Calum and now were all worried" "come in, I'll explain it all" so you led the 3 boys to your room they all sat there and listened to what happened. Luke said "so calum introduced Lexi to you but you was gonna ask calum to be more than friends" "yes and know I'm heartbroken because the one person I love doesn't feel the same" BLEEP! BLEEP! "It's callum, he's saying he wants me to go round cos him and lexi are arguing and he wants his bestfriend I told him I'm busy" you tell the lads. "Y/N why? This could be you're chance to tell him! He may realise how much better you are for him than Lexi" you sit there in silence.. 
*3 weeks later*
Its been 3 weeks since you replied to one of Calums text's you ignored his calls and everything. There was a knock on the door so you're mum answered it. "Y/N it's for you?" You drag you're lifeless body to the door, to find calum standing they're smiling with a bunch of flowers, chocolates & a couple of dvd's.. "What are you doing here" you say bluntly. "Well Y/N, I want my bestfriend, the boys told me about what's been wrong with you so I'd thought I'd come round to see you" "come in, we'll go watch them in my room" you and calum walk up to your room you put the dvd in the dvd player "so Y/N why didn't you tell me?" "Calum, I was gonna tell you the day she came into this" "well me and lexi are not together anymore, me and her are over! Because the one girl I've loved for 10 years feel the same about me" you walk over to calum with a tear rolling down you're cheek.. He grabs you by the waist and intwines his lips with yours.. You seperated the kiss breathlessly. "Y/F/N, will you being my girlfriend" you were speachless "yes! Yes! Yes of course calum!"
"I love you Y/N" "I love you too Calum" you jumped on him wrapped his legs around his waist then passionately kissed 
You then lived happily together

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