(Y/T/N): Guess who came back home yesterday? Our little baby girl was so happy ‪#‎DaddyHemmingsBackHome‬

Fans Reaction:

(T/N): @(Y/T/N) omg this is so cute I'm gonna die 

(T/N): @(Y/T/N) The only thing you did right is Luke's daughter.

(T/N): @(Y/T/N) omg ‪#‎OTP‬ #DaddyHemmingsBackHome 💕💕

Boys react:

@Michael5SOS: @(Y/T/N) Make her relax bc uncle Michael is going to visit her today 

@Calum5SOS: @(Y/T/N) omg Luke stop being a good father please

@Ashton5SOS: @(Y/T/N) What a cutieeeeee we're going visit you girls today!!

His reaction:

@Luke5SOS: @(Y/T/N) I missed you both so much, I'm so happy to see you again my loves 

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