It was getting too much. The hate, the mobs, the fame. You knew that these were things that would come with being friends with Calum. Your infatuation with him had blinded everything for a while, but once he left to continue touring, your blinded side opened up and you were now stuck with the cold hard reality.

Hate was the worst. You hated the fact that all these people would hate on you when they didn't know you. It was insensitive and hurtful.

It was getting too stressful for you and pushed you to harm your own body. Calum wasn't around so you thought it was ok. You thought it was ok to carve your feelings into your beautiful skin, turning the completion of your wrists red. You had stopped for two days, thinking about how Calum would react stopped you, but the urge to draw beads of ruby from your silky skin was always there. It drove you crazy, you couldn't take it anymore, not after seeing more hate about you on twitter.

You ran to the bathroom and flushed out your emotional pain, replacing it with physical. One slice, two slice, three slice, done. You felt better. But the moment you looked up from the bathroom sink, you felt worse.

In the mirror, you could see him. His teary eyes staring straight into yours, one hand on the half opened door, suitcase in the other.


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