"Y/N!" He snaps. "Why is your face so crumpled up, sad, and awful? What's up? I'm already washing my dishes," he asks from the sink, his face full of worry.

You locked your phone as he walked closer to you, wiping his hands with his shirt. "Nothing, Luke. I'm okay," you say with a weak smile.

"Y/N. You're not going to fool me. Tell me, what is it? What's bothering you?" He sits beside you as you slipped your phone in your pockets, still eager on hiding it from Luke.

The truth was, you saw a photo of him with another girl. It was supposed to be no big deal. It was a fetus photo, taken about 5 or 6 years ago. But that didn't calm your mind. Of course you overthought everything.

How they used to kiss. How he used to hold her. How he loved her back then. It was stupid but it made sense.

This made it harder to fake a smile. You rest your forehead on your palm.

"No, seriously Luke. I'm okay," you lied another time. He stared at you for another moment. His lips as if deciding whether to smile or not.

He then swifty put his hand inside your sweatshirt pocket grabbing your phone. He wrestled with your hand for a bit but of course you lost.

He unlocked your phone and upon opening, the photo flashed in plain sight.

"Ha!" His eyes widened, pointing a cocky finger at you. "You're jealous aren't you?"

You groaned, covering your face with your hands and sitting back down on the couch. He laughed and set the phone down on the table.

"Aww! Y/N!" He says, sitting beside you as he wrapped his arm around you. Your hands still covering your face.

"Y/N, why does this bother you?" He asked silently.

"It doesn't bother me," you say.

"Yes, it does!"

You sigh. "Luke, look at how pretty she is. I have nothing on her. I can't stop thinking about how much you loved her then. Or how you embraced her and kissed her and stuff like that..." You say, you throat tight.

He leaned his head on yours. "Oh, Y/N. I didn't even like her that much," he whispered, slightly chuckling.

You just chuckle. "Y/N. You are enough. You will always be enough, if not so much more, you're enough," he said against your hair.

You stood up and took his hands as he stood along with you. He put his hand on your cheek, dragging your face closer to his. He kissed you as he wrapped his arm on your waist.

He broke from the kiss with a giddy, silly smile. Both his hands behind him.

"Why are you smiling like that?" You ask.

"Because I just did this," he said, showing you your phone. And on the screen was a photo of your recent kiss.

"And it is now leaking all over the internet and they all know that you're my girl," he said, smirking at you.

"You're all I want, Y/N. Please don't ever forget that," he said, planting a kiss on your forehead, embracing you one more time.

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