You went to a 5sos concert, this really cool "punk-rock" band that was out. You have never heard of them before or their music but your expecting a mosh pit

When you get there you see a bunch of teenage girls "what?" You say. When they come out everyone starts screaming and some were even crying.

They start singing this song called "She Looks So Perfect" and you think "im not down for this"

You start walking down the stairs when you hear the song stop and Luke says "Sorry to stop the song but there is a really hot girl trying to leave. Where are you going babe?" You ignore the screams and Luke's smug look and leave the concert.

On your way to leave you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around to see Luke standing right behind you smirking.

"Hey babe. Why did you leave?" He asked

"Do i look like i belong in one of your concerts. On twitter it said you were a punk-rock band"

"We are very punk rock babe" he winks at you. You scoff disgusted at his attempt to flirt. He asks for your number and smiles sweetly. You give in and end up giving him your number anyways.

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