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You were nervous, and that was an understatement, you were nervous because in exactly two minutes you were going to be in your crushes house, just the two of you for the day.

It all started two days ago at school, when you were talking to your best friend about how cool it would be to be able to play some kind of music, Ashton (your crush) must have been listening to your conversation because he walked over and said "hey um I have a piano at home and if y...ou um wanted I could maybe teach you some stuff?" I turned bright pink "um yeah sure that would be cool thanks" you tried to act natural but you were screaming inside "great!!" He says in a rush, he cleared his throat "um yeah I mean cool, yeah come over tommorow and we can start"

As soon as he was gone I hugged my friend as hard as I possibly could trying not to scream "omfg did that actually just happen?" I giggled "yeah it did" your friend laughed at you.

(The next day)
You'd just got out the car, walked up the drive and rang the doorbell, he answered wearing nothing but sweatpants, his six pack in show. He turned bright red "oh um hey (YN) sorry about that" he says while letting me in and pulling a t-shirt on "you caught me by suprise, anyway the pianos in here"

In the room stood a large grand piano with a bench, I went and sat down, he came and sat next to me "so um I thought I'd start with this stuff because" he chatted on, I wasn't focusing, all I could do was look at the face sat right next to me, the jawline the beautiful eyes the curly hair held back by a red bandanna, "so are you ready?" He asked catching me off guard "um yeah, totally!" I say trying to play what he just demonstrated, he watched me the whole time, I was awful. He stood up and came behind me "let me help you" he said sitting on the bench behind me so I was sitting in between his legs, I was the one blushing now, he put my fingers on the keys with his hands covering mine, his chin resting on my shoulder "is this okay?" He asked. I just nodded, I was speechless.

We got through the lesson like that, as he was letting me out he gave me a kiss goodbye "see you next week then?" He asked, I nodded, giggling, I couldn't wait.

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