"So you're Positive we won't get caught?" You asked unsure. "Yes I'm positive just stay low until we get to the building or the patrollers will get suspicious." Luke your boyfriend whispered.

You quickly walked to the building and jumped the fence to the back of it.

Just that time you heard a police car approaching in the distance.

"Shit Luke I told you!" You whisper yelled. He looked around in a panic and then suddenly pulled you against the wall both of your backs to it. "Slowly slide down and lay on the ground" he whispered.

You did so quickly and the police car was getting closer. 

You closed your eyes tight figuring this would be the night when you went to Juvie when all of a sudden the cop car drove right past you guys. 

"Told you." Luke smirked at you. You rolled your eyes and hopped up pulling out the spray paint cans. 

You picked up the red and green. Luke stood and watched the movements of your arm as you vandalized the old wall with a beautiful rose. He smiled and began to help you expanding the flower so it filled the wall as wide and as tall as he could get it.

When you were finished you both stepped back taking in the art that was made. You looked over at Luke and noticed the smile growing across his face. "It's almost as beautiful as you." He said wrapping his arms around your waist. You put your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss his sweet lips. 

"Alright let's go." He said. You both jumped the fence and back down the sidewalk you went. "That was exciting." You said smiling. He put his hand out to hold yours and you laced your fingers together.

"Let's do it again sometime." You said looking down at your black combat boots. "Well I know a building we could go to right now." He said looking at you. "I'm in." You said. You guys continued your vandalism until you saw the sunrise. It was a fun night and you hoped you would do it again soon.

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