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You're looking at your reflection in the mirror and you sigh. 'Fat,ugly,worthless' all the tweets were true. But then you look at your scars. Everywhere. You stopped when Micheal caught you the first time. But now, he's on tour. He's the only person you cared about. With shaky hands you pick up the blade. One slice, 2 slice 3 slice. You look at your arm satisfied. tears running down your face you decide one more deep one won't hurt. 4 sli- "Y/N? Babe I'm home!" "Michael" you sob and drop the blade. He hears the sound or metal dropping and runs upstairs worried "oh no" he whispers under his breath "Y/N OPEN THIS DOOR PLEASE!?" He yells frantically trying to open the door. "Go away Mikey I'm sorry!" One last cut and everything is blurry the last thing you remember was a figure over you telling you "stay awake y/n please I can't lose you!" Then darkness takes over you. 

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