You and your boyfriend were fighting over a picture of him kissing with a girl "i'm so fucking done with you" you screamd in his face while crying "she's my best friend i was whispering in her ear , please believe me" he answered you " oh yeah? this is the 5th time this month, i'm sick of your lies ! Why are you doing this to me" while screaming you looked in his eyes and you had never seen so much anger "(Y/N) don't make me angry i don't want to hurt you, just stop" he said to you "you have no fucking reason to be angry you cheated on me and everyone know's it!" it all became too much for him and he slapped you in the face and you fell to the ground. " i wish i'd never met you" you said to him crying .luke walked in the room and stared at you "what the hell dit you do to her" and punched Jack against te whall "I'm going to facking kill you, never touch her again mate. "Luke slapped him in the face "(Y/N) sorry" Jack said shaking. you stood up from the ground and covered your red cheek that still warm was from the slap, you walked to Luke and start crying in his arms you 2 walked to the door"you don't deserve my love" you screamd at Jack "(Y/N) pls don't go it was a mista-" you slammed the door before Jack could finish his sentence,you walked home with Luke "thanks luke for what you dit fore me" you said hugging him. "Nobody can touch you ..i love you(Y/N)"

He said to you smirking " i..i think i love you to Luke" he lookd in your eyes, his smile so sweet it maked your heart skip a beat " i think we should kiss" he said smiling "that's a good idee Hemmings"He grabbed gently your face and kissed you.

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